Pronouns/Preferred Names

Bits About Me

  • I an uncomfortable giving out my age online, but do know that I am a minor. Please do not act creepy or send creepy DMs. If you do this I'll probably report or block you.

  • I swear a lot. Be warned.

  • I am also Aspergers. If I come off as rude or uncaring in a conversation, I'm really sorry. I try my best with online conversation, but sometimes I just suck at it.

  • If I have an interest you share, feel free to DM me and we can chat about it! I love hearing other people's viewpoints as well.

  • I don't like politics, please don't actively try to discuss those with me (an offhand mention once or twice is fine, just don't turn it into a full-blown conversation).


  • Corvidcore

  • Internet/Webcore

  • Cyberpunk

  • City Pop???

  • Traumacore

  • Weirdcore

  • Cryptidcore

  • V A P O R W A V E

  • Avant-Garde (mainly in music though)

  • Aliencore

  • Y2K

  • Halloween stuff

  • Spacecore

Sites I Use


  • Fantasy and Sci-Fi stuff

  • Vampire The Masquerade

  • Star Wars

  • SPACE!!!

  • Aliens (they're out there...)

  • Myths and Legends

  • Urban Legends

  • Cryptids

  • Post-Apocalyptic Stuff

  • Dragons

  • Werewolves

  • SCPs

  • Batman (mainly the rogues tho, ngl)

Video Games I Play

  • Minecraft

  • DooM

  • The Elder Scrolls (favorite is Oblivion)

  • Fallout

  • Left 4 Dead 2

  • Darksiders

  • Plants vs. Zombies

  • I don't play it, but I also really like Dead By Daylight (definitely not because of the killers, no... why would you think that?)

My favorite genre is the RPG (obviously)

Favorite Music Artists

  • Ghost

  • The Residents

  • Porcupine Tree

  • Camel

  • Gorillaz

  • Sleep Research Facility

  • Emerald Web

  • Boards Of Canada

  • luxury elite

  • Machin3 G1rl

  • Seam

My favorite genres are prog rock, New Age, dreampop, shoegaze, and ambience.

If you've got any more questions (if you do, I'm a tad bit concerned), feel free to ask!
I also feel like I must apologize if you happened to have come from my Wattpad.